Dissemination of results

The most important form of dissemination is the publication of results in scientific journals, conference proceedings, and research books, as well as lectures at scientific conferences and lectures of Project team members at other scientific institutions

As the process of publishing papers in journals can take a long time, preprints of papers submitted to journals will also be posted on one of the preprint archives, such as ArXiv.org, on scientific social networks, such as ResearchGate, as well as on this website, in the downloadable list of published and unpublished scientific articles in the form of scientific reports

At the local level, dissemination is done through the promotion of the Project in the mainstream and social media, popularization lectures for students, and the organization of a scientific seminar - Seminar for Theoretical Computer Science

The seminar serves as a place where the latest research results are presented not only by members of the Project team, but also by other domestic and foreign scientists